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2021-01-19 — Obsidian, Roam Research, and note updates



  • Renamed My new design system to my digital ecosystem and totally reworked the note

    After much experimentation and exploration of new practices and tools, I’ve made significant improvements to my learning and knowledge management system. It’s considered a work in progress, however, as it’s always being iterated on and improved as my needs evolve and change.

  • Added products I love to Tools for managing information overload and improving how we think are on the rise

    These tools can help you go from idea capture to new thing created if you use them effectively.

  • Renamed “How to take smart notes” to “How I take smart notes” because I can only share what works for me, not what others should do

    Taking notes is about collecting information and ideas in this moment, and making them available for our future selves to act upon. We’re seeding ideas now and helping them grow stronger as we explore and learn new things.

  • Drafts is for immediate note capture and works in progress

    Instead of having a thought and then thinking “where do I want to put this?”—and then having to think about what app to open, the only concern is immediately capturing the thought. BAM. done.

  • Evernote is for long-term storage

    The content in Evernote is interacted with less frequently, but is housed in a trustworthy place. It’s a great place to store things that need to be recalled on occasion but aren’t interacted with regularly.

2021-01-10 — Rethinking education models

2021-01-05 — Rewrote homepage, many note additions and updates

2020-12-23 — Refine ideas, stack bricks, note updates

2020-12-18 — Roam Research edition

2020-12-11 — Toolkit

2020-12-09 — New writing

2020-11-20 — A few note updates

2020-09-21 — Getting back into things

  • Updated copy on the homepage

2020-07-01 — Tidying + evolving notes

2020-06-26 — New + updated notes

2020-06-18 — Fixed URLs + newsletter subscription

2020-06-16 — Black Lives Matter

2020-06-15 — Updated some language

  • Updated homepage language
  • Made changeling more accessible

2020-06-12 — Added commenting + new notes

2020-06-09 — Content + Layout updates

2020-06-07 — Updated URL

  • Now running on (will change soon)

2020-05-29 — Site deployed to Netlify!

2020-05-28 — Built on the shoulders of others

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